Welcome, all you Carolina Girl Geeks!

Welcome to Carolina Girl Geek Dinners! We are inspired by the original Girl Geek Dinners and our mission is to create an informal platform where technical girls of all ages can network and learn from others alike. This is a group of women in IT who are interested in networking with other women in IT. The idea is to get a group of women who work in technology together to discuss their experiences and exchange ideas in a comfortable, non working environment.

Girl Geek Dinners are organized all over the world and we are the 5th group in the United States! The events are typically held in restaurants, bars or other common meeting areas and there is usually a speaker who talks for a short while on a chosen subject for the evening followed by networking and good times! Our events will be held in Charlotte, NC.

Are YOU a girl geek?

Girl Geek: A female who has an interest in technology, particularly computing. Not necessarily technically minded.

Stay tuned for more information on the 1st Carolina Girl Geek Dinner event…

Until then:

  • Continue to visit this site for updates
  • Visit us on Facebook
  • We are looking for all your ideas on making this a great opportunity for local technical women to meet – if you have any input or suggestions, contact us here!

We look forward to meeting you! Until then, continue to be a proud girl geek!


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